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On the days I am not behind the camera I am behind the computer! In leggings & a cozy T, with no make up on, and I regularly rock the messy bun.

Being a wedding and elopement photographer has given me so much joy to be able to serve my clients really well and, as an added bonus, being able to encourage and TEACH other photogs how to do the same has been SO AMAZING (and unexpected!).

This is exactly why we wanted to start this podcast. To help other photographers succeed, be encouraged, empowered and to keep them company on those long days (and nights) when it feels like no one is with them. We don't want anyone to feel alone or defeated because your business in an evolving and GROWING thing. We want to help remind you of that, motivate you, and help you push through and get sh*t done. 

 I'm a wedding and elopement photog based in Ohio. I have a cute puppy and a fantastic fiancé (hi B. <3) I'm cool with the wind messing up my hair. I'm TOTALLY a hugger. I'm definitely Team Jess... AmIright?!

I like cooking, + talking on the phone, because I am a child of the 90's.

Give me some sparkling water, some good conversation, some travel plans with friends & I'm a happy girl. I am always ready for a last minute adventure, just say when & where! 


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Hi! I'm Tori + I love Jesus, my husband Brent, our pup Yoshi, + all our plant babies 🌱

YEARS OF BEINg in the photography industry

Outside of being a lifestyle photographer and creative in Akron, Ohio- I am an adventurer at heart, lover of succulents, and an avid runner. In my free time you will find me at home with my husband relaxing on the couch or hanging out at a local coffee shop with a friend. I am just an introvert that loves harry potter and values relationships and quality time. 


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Hello! I'm Ana and I love to travel the world with my husband + baby girl, + try lots of coffee along the way! 

My photography journey started 6 years ago while I was in college with my point and shoot Nikon camera. After shooting a wedding with Tori, my best friend and fellow podcast partner, I decided to upgrade my camera gear and pursue my own business. Now I am a full time wedding and senior portrait photographer that gets to travel the world, document beautiful moments, and celebrate the adventures of life! 

A few of my favorite things include: harry potter, succulents, hand written notes, cardigans, neutral tones, corgis, Birkenstocks, coffee dates, and road trips.